Patent Notices

Please see the following table for U.S. Patents covering Apollo Endosurgery Products. The absence of a product name from this list or U.S. Patent number as associated with any listed product does not constitute a waiver of Apollo Endosurgery’s patent, trademark, or other intellectual property rights concerning that product.

OverStitch® Endoscopic Suturing System

U.S. 6,719,763

U.S. 6,755,843

U.S. 6,988,987

U.S. 8,021,376

U.S. 8,287,556

U.S. 8,540,735

U.S. 8,679,136

U.S. 9,089,325

U.S. 9,198,562

Orbera® Intragastric Balloon System

U.S. 7,749,254

X-Tack Endoscopic HeliX Tacking System

Patent Pending

Revised: 2/2021