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The doctors listed can help you understand if Orbera is right for you. They will answer your questions about what to expect from this endoscopic procedure.  Please scroll down for additional important information.

Note: Names and details are provided for your information only. Decisions regarding choice of doctor and treatment options are a patient’s responsibility, as is all communication and interaction with listed medical professionals. Any information you send to a doctor is not covered by our Privacy Policy.

This list was created to support persons who want to learn more about the Orbera® System by helping connect them to doctors who currently have demonstrated qualifications and training on the Orbera® System. The list is compiled by Apollo Endosurgery and includes physicians known to have completed required training for the Orbera® System and who have agreed to be included on this list.  The results shown may not be inclusive of all physicians who may have experience with the Orbera® System or therapies like the Orbera® System in your area.

To be included on the list, a doctor must have completed the necessary FDA-mandated training on the safe and effective use of the Orbera® System and meet one of the following criteria:

  • has completed an Orbera® System initial training or update training within the last six months;
  • or has either purchased three or more Orbera® balloons in the last six months or purchased 10 or more Orbera® balloons in the past 12 months.

The doctors on this list pay no fee for inclusion. Some doctors on this list may purchase products from the company, provide consulting services to the company, and/or may be a party to a co-marketing agreement with Apollo. Apollo Endosurgery makes no representations or warranties regarding the skill of the doctors or the quality of their outcomes and inclusion of a physician in this directory does not represent an endorsement by or a recommendation from Apollo Endosurgery. You and your doctor must determine if treatment with the Orbera® System is right for you. The criteria posted on this site are subject to change at the sole discretion of Apollo Endosurgery.

All procedures have risk. Talk with your doctor and understand all risks before having any procedure.